The Journalist/Photographer Exploration Group (JPEG) provides the space and transportation for photographers and journalists of all skill levels to practice their craft. Through smaller-scale outings to local photo spots, larger-scale trips to popular vistas, promotion of our photographers via social media, and the creation of an inclusive, creative group environment, JPEG opens up opportunities for anyone interested in photography, journalism, or just exploring what Oregon has to offer.

JPEG takes trips every other week to pre-organized locations and has pre-trip meetings during a weekday prior to the trip. Attendance at these meetings is preferred and will allow the individual priority access to the trip, but is not required. These trips will be led by members of the Board and transportation will be provided by members’ personal vehicles. Pre-trip meetings also offer speakers, challenges, and fun activities for members.

JPEG provides opportunities for photography/journalism exposure, including offering work opportunities for its members and putting together an ongoing digital publication. Via social media, JPEG promotes its members’ photos and allows opportunities for the community to reach out. Beyond this, JPEG hosts workshops a few times per term for additional learning and enrichment.

JPEG may provide additional opportunities for journalists and photographers, including but not limited to professor lectures, editing sessions, critique opportunities, etc.

To get involved, please follow us on social media or email us at